Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly Garden update (2)

No pictures, because its raining and I don't feel like getting out in it.

Tomatoes are all still looking strong.  2 of my pepper plants I'll probably wind up replanting next week.  They just never grew any and have been a sickly yellow color since they went into the ground.  Both strawberry plants are already producing fruit, so that's exciting.  Basil is coming on strong, but my other herbs have failed to grow.  3 out of 4 watermelon plants are doing alright, and I have plenty of good looking squash popping up. 

Hope everyone elses gardens are doing well.  As I said with my last post, I will be in Dallas to become an NRA certified pistol instructor next week.  Leaving tonight, and won't be posting again until at least Thursday.  Expect my thoughts on the class, and an actual garden update with pictures later next week.

Until then.....

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