Sunday, May 8, 2011

Temple Air Show

Got sunburned out at the Temple Air show yesterday.  Minus the grass fire the pyrotechnic guys set off to delay the show for a few hours, there was a lot of great stuff out there.  I took over 200 pics, but here's my 12 favorite from the day. 

And in a rant on the stupidity of the BATFE and federal regulations, the pyrotechnics guys that delayed the show and started a grass fire?  Didn't blow off all their charges before the fire.  And, because the fed govt thinks none of us monkeys should be trusted with anything more dangerous than a spork, they require any explosives purchased for a show to be used that day.  So, the pyro guys got to set off another explosion, after starting one grass fire that came very close to getting out of hand.  Heaven forbid we use any sort of common sense, we can't have any loose explosives running around out there in the hands of trained pyrotechnic specialists!  Death to the dry grass!  /rant.


  1. Well, glad you had fun at the airshow.We really do need to hookup sometime.
    On the BATF&E&RBF rant, you do know that bird bomb cracker shells are considered explosives and you have to be a licensed explosives handler to purchase or use them right? Is that insane or what?

  2. I'd say most of what the BATFE does is insane. And yes, we need to meet. I'll be down in College Station at least a few times this fall for some football games, so maybe we can meet up then.