Tuesday, April 12, 2011

.357 snubby

Continuing the .357/.38 theme that my first gun post (Marlin 1894c) , today I'm going to talk about my pocket pistol and occasional back up gun, a Taurus 650CIA in .357.  This gun fulfills all of my requirements for a good pocket pistol.

A good pocket pistol must be
  • chambered in an effective round (for some, this would start at .380.  For me personally, .38 is the minimum.)
  • have a stainless finish to withstand rigors of things like and gardening sweat from the Texas heat
  • be reliable
 I'd say this fits those requirements quite admirably:

My 2 preferred carry methods for this .357 are either a pocket holster, or an ankle holster.  Waistband holsters are made for revolvers, but I personally think that if you can wear something on the waist, you should carry something with a little more capacity and possibility of easier reloads.  

The snubby with its 2 homes when we travel: A pocket holster and ankle holster:

If I'm wearing nice slacks and a tucked in shirt hat won't conceal a 1911 too well, I'll go with the ankle holster.  The pocket holster gets called into duty if I don't feel like putting on a gun belt, holster, reloads, etc etc to run a quick errand or take the trash out to the curb. 

I also carry 10 rounds in 2 bianchi tuff strips.  Though the reload is not as fast as a semi auto, with practice you can reload from the strips quickly.  

Is a 5 shot revolver the ideal carry piece?  I don't think so, but it provides a comfy medium between a full sized service pistol and no gun at all, and 5 shots of .357 is a heck of a lot better than nothing in my book.

Until next time, shoot safe, grill weekly and go have fun in the garden!

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